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Welcome to I Choose Awareness

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Did you know that every time you visit I Choose Awareness, you are actually making a decision? This is because the name itself is an affirmation. You are declaring to yourself that you choose awareness.

So why should this matter?

Because in a world where we seek to find out who we are, why we’re here and most importantly…how to live our best lives…often enough the answers allude us.

We end up in careers, bodies and relationships that don’t reflect the lives we dream of – yet somehow we make the same choices over and over again.

How did we get here? What influences our perspective? What messages are we being given – by our own thoughts?

And it doesn’t stop there!

  • What made us fat?
  • Why do we choose the partner(s) we do?
  • How do we end up stuck in unrewarding jobs?

And the most important question…

The answer is simple. We make our choices by default. Because as far as we’re concerned, life is something that happens to us. And it is. When we aren’t aware…

I Choose Awareness is exactly as it sounds. It’s a deliberate decision to wake up. It’s a reinforcement of a desire and every time you visit here, you are choosing to be conscious of the information you are feeding your mind. You will be submersed in an environment that has your best interests at heart.

You are invited to hang out here as long as you’d like! Read the blog. Browse through the articles.

Check out A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety (the book everyone needs if they are even thinking of exercising)!

And allow awareness to become your friend. Because when we know who we are and why we do what we do…we become the creators, rather than the unfortunate bystanders, of our lives.

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Dana Gore – Author of A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety




Dana Gore’s books on Goodreads

A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety
A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety